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Hello, my name is Sherri Woods and I will be your journey guide for Wednesday Wanderings. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, to wander means to move about leisurely without a fixed course or goal. The purpose of Wednesday Wanderings is to set aside time to allow Jesus to accentuate our creative minds and fill them with His truths. For Wednesday Wanderings, we will be journeying with Jesus into encounters to heal our mind, body, and soul. You may want to consider utilizing a journal to record what I have termed the “transformational conversations” of your venture.

Watch the Wednesday Wanderings Welcome.

Now that we have cleared our minds of the clutter, we can wander on the journey of examining what it means to Have a little talk with Jesus.


There is something unique about having a talk with Jesus.  When we pray and allow Jesus to hold the sacred space for us, we can expect to experience transformation. Our thoughts are powerful and have a creative ability. The Bible is complete with truths and promises to renew our minds and penetrate our hearts. When you are ready, you may begin the dialogue with Jesus by stating:

“Jesus, I invite you to help me to wander aimlessly into your Presence where my mind, body, and soul can be transfigured. I welcome your truth and a holy encounter with your Word. Illuminate my spiritual senses that my eyes may see you, my ears may hear you, my body may feel you with me, and my heart may receive you.”


Psalm 139 is an invitation to wander on the path with God that leads to eternal life. David invites God to search his heart, reveal the hurts, habits, and hangups, and guide him away from his sin. The heart is where our hurts, habits, and hang ups are revealed. Our minds hold the thoughts but our hearts hold the evidence of the thoughts. Reading God’s Word alters our thoughts. Applying God’s Word, reconstructs our hearts. Seeking God’s presence and plan redirects our journey.

Psalm 139: 23-24 The Message

23-24 Investigate my life, O God,
    find out everything about me;
Cross-examine and test me,
    get a clear picture of what I’m about;
See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong—
    then guide me on the road to eternal life.

PSALM: Just a Little Talk With Jesus

Cleavant Derricks, the song writer of Just a Little Talk with Jesus  shares his transformational conversation with Jesus.

Verse 1:
I once was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in,
And then a little light from heaven filled my soul;
It bathed my heart in love and wrote my name above,
And just a little talk with Jesus makes me whole.

PARABLE: Verse one introduces us to the four components of a transformational conversation.

  1. The Hurt – Hurts, habits, and hang ups that create sin.
  2. The Hope – Jesus rescues us and gives us the light of hope.
  3. The Heart – Jesus cleans our heart in love.
  4. The Healing – Our hurts are transformed from hurt to wholeness.


Take a few breaths in and out. In and out. As you breath in invite your spiritual imagination to become activated. As you breath out, release the clutter of concerns and anxieties. Breath in and out.

When your mind is clear of clutter, and you are ready, take a few minutes to wander as you have a little talk with Jesus.  If you would like, you may want to consider noting the responses in a journal.

Begin by inviting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into the truths of the answers to the questions below.

Ponder these questions:

  1. “What is the hurt, habit or hangup that is interrupting my spiritual growth?”
    • Note the hurt.
  2.  “What hopeful truth would Jesus like to offer to rescue you at this time?”
    • Request and welcome the hope of Jesus to bathe your heart in love.
  3. “Is there any blockage (shame, guilt, forgiveness, anger, etc.) that is keeping your heart from being cleaned?”
    • Surrender your the blockage.
  4. “How will you respond to what Jesus wants to heal in you?”
    • Receive God’s promise to rescue you, fill you with His light, and make you whole.


As you listen to the video recording, surrender your sin to Jesus. Transformation takes time. Invite Jesus again to rescue you. Let Him bathe your heart in love and fill you with His light. He promises that He will make you whole.

Listen to this closing prayer and enjoy a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea filmed while I was in Jerusalem.


Now that you have emptied your mind of the clutter and wandered with Jesus, take a closing moment to offer a praise of thanksgiving as you let the work of your wandering transform your mind and the freedom and assurance of  your salvation permeate your soul.

Then take the mindfulness of God’s presence cultivated in these last few minutes of wandering into the next ones and beyond.

Until next time, be Resonant.

Walking in Son-shine

Lost in Sin

I once was lost in sin but Jesus took me in
   And then a little light from heaven filled my soul
He bathed my heart in love and He wrote my name above
   And just a little talk with Jesus makes me whole.

Just a Little Talk with Jesus
By: Cleavant Derricks (1909-1977)

Listen as you read.  This is an updated version of this old hymn.

As promised we begin being to explore the second of our two alternating hymns this week, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and Just a Little Talk with Jesus.  As we begin that journey today looking into the heart of the matter with the first two lines of the latter, I am excited to announce that Wednesday Wanderings begins tomorrow with a different look into this text under the guidance of Dr. Sherri Woods.  If you are on our list, watch your email tomorrow for that first installment.  If you are not on our list, sign-up today in the box to the right.

Let’s tune our hearts!

A Different Path

Last week our opening image was of two people walking and talking along a colorful path enjoying each other.  Today’s image is meant to evoke a very different feeling.  It looks like a few individuals walking alone on a dark street.  It looks a little dangerous, even mysterious.  What thoughts come to mind as you look at that image?

Maybe the caption I added gives it away, but there is trouble lurking on that path.  In the shadows all sorts of mischief are brewing, things which one the one hard may seem intriguing even temping, but cause us a world of pain.  We all know that path because we have walked it far too many times.  It is way that quickly takes us far from a life of honoring God.  What sins dot your path?  Doesn’t take much introspection to recall the difficulties into which we wandered, does it?

Take just a few moments to recount some of the things which demonstrated just how lost you were.  You will need that mental list in a minute.

But Jesus

Fortunately for us, Jesus knew we could not find our way back to the light, so He came looking for us.  That is what He did on the cross.  He made a way for us to come back to our Father, the One from whom our sins had separated us, causing us to be swept along a powerful stream of self-indulgence.

Jesus Took Me In

Can you remember that moment when you accepted the grace of Jesus?  I can.  It felt very much like what this image depicts.  I realized that I was far from God, but that Jesus not only had made a way back, He was the Way.

There is quite a contrast between these two images, just like there is between the first and second part of that first line. Lost, accepted.  Alone, together. Darkness, light.  Jesus has done all that for us, but I fear we are too quick to forget.  That little talk we have with Jesus at the beginning of our relationship changes everything, eternally.  Hallelujah!  But we need to keep talking to Him.  At a loss for what to say, start here.

“I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.”  Luke 7:47
Jesus taught this truth using the extravagance of an expression of much love from a woman who had been forgiven much.  Truth is, we have all been forgiven much.  Trouble is, we forget too quickly.

Have a little talk with to Jesus right now.  I asked you to recount some of the ways your life demonstrated how lost you were.  Thank Jesus for delivering you from each of them.

Can You Still See It?

The light that is.  You saw it when you took Jesus up on His offer of forgiveness.  You have seen it in those moments you chose to love Him, and others, much.  Maybe you saw it just now as you expressed your gratitude once again for the deliverance Christ has brought into your life.  You can see it, that light from heaven that filled your soul, every time you remember how Jesus took you in, drawing you away from that life of sin.

Light from Heaven Filled My Soul

And what a beautiful, inspiring light it is.  We face all kinds of darkness in our lives, every day.  But that light from heaven still illuminates our path even when, especially when, the darkness closes in on us.

You invite that light every time you have a little talk with Jesus.  Does it leave entirely?  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes no.  Like the image here, sometimes it is pushed to the side, still present, but not overwhelming.

So remember to welcome the light.  Remember to talk to Jesus.  There will be times when you simply sit and enjoy His presence.  Other times, you will pour your heart our in tears.  But sometimes, many times, throughout the course of every day, just have a little talk with Jesus.  Why?  Because those talk make you whole.

Invite Jesus right now to flood your soul with the light of heaven.  Look to the cross.  Welcome His embrace.  Revel in His love.

We will continue to warm our hearts with these truths as we step deeper into this old hymn on Thursday and subsequent weeks, but be sure to take a few minutes and cultivate that heart to converse with Jesus through the video log and transcript below the prayer.  The video is available only to our Subscribers and Free Members, but the transcript is available to everyone.  Become a Free Member today.  Simply click here.

Bright Tuning!

Jesus, I was lost in sin.  But that did not stop You from demonstrating Your love for me, on the contrary in motivated You to do so, out of obedience to the Father.  When I surrendered to Your love, light filled my soul.  Help me to surrender today and every day, and to walk in that light. In Jesus name.  Amen.

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Video 8.1 Transcript

Welcome to Tuesday Tunings at Resonant 7, where we reflect on the reality of God and resolve to let it resound in our lives, repeatedly. Let’s tune our hearts.

I once was lost in sin but Jesus took me in
   And then a little light from heaven filled my soul
He bathed my heart in love and He wrote my name above
   And just a little talk with Jesus makes me whole.

It all begins here, with a heart of repentance, turning away from sin and into the loving arms of Jesus.  Do you remember when you first realized He willingly accepts as we are? Reflect on that and thank Him for leading you to repentance and taking you in.

I remember exactly where I was that moment the light of heaven filled my soul.  I remember what that felt like to turn from the darkness of doubt. Do you? Thank Jesus for the work He has down in your soul.

I felt His love for me and embraced the wonder of it with my whole heart.  I was overcome with emotion, my eyes filled with tears. Still my mind had little idea of the wonder that had just occurred, my name written in the book of life.  Bless His name!

Each of the sections of this old song ends with the powerful declaration I first realized that night, a little talk with Jesus changes things.  It changes me, my perspective, my circumstances. Sometimes all three. Thank Jesus for the difference a little talk with Him makes.

Take a few moments to talk to Jesus about what has surfaced in your heart, or just listen to what He is saying to you, then we will sing once more.


Take the awareness of God’s presence cultivated in these last few minutes into the next ones and beyond.  Until next time, be Resonant.

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