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    We will start off with multimedia companions to the blogs twice every week

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    Jumping in now locks the price as we expand our offerings!

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    These companions will take your engagement with the content, and your ability to apply it, to a whole other level.

  • Example

    Starting with a video devotional log every Tuesday and short, powerful podcast on Thursday, you will have just what you need to be more Resonant!

Jumping in now locks you in at $5 (or less) monthly!

Though we offer two blogs with companion tools for $5 or less monthly, the cost will increase as we expand our offerings.  We added the third in July 2019, a bi-weekly Wednesday installment at the same price.  When we add the fourth, the price will move to $6.  Signing up now, locks your price at whatever level you choose.

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  • John Grundy
    The content you provide is quality, and fits well into my tight schedule. This gift twice a week is well worth the $5.00 a month.
    John Grundy

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this worth the subscription?  For less than the price of a latte, you get a "lot of" extra content. :-)  The blogs are great tools, but we believe the companions make them even more valuable.

Will this work for me?  Not certain about the potential impact, try it for 14 days with our risk free trial period.  We offer this because we are convinced these additional materials will help you be more Resonant, and want you to be able to try it before you buy it.

Will I be flooded with content?  Initially we will be providing two new pieces each week, with the plans to expand this, but you will always be able to pick and choose what works best with the flow of your life.

What if Tuesday and Thursday are not the best days for me?  Then the content will be waiting for you to click through on the days that are best.  It is here to serve and help you, not the other way around.  And each piece will have a stand alone aspect to it, so if you miss a segment you can just pick up with the next.

  • Dr. Sherri Harper Woods
    Resonant7 creates an atmosphere for me to just be in the presence of God. My life is busy teaching, writing, serving and doing for God. Resonant7 has created a new rhythm in my life. I await more opportunities for the words of God to Resonate within my soul.
    Dr. Sherri Harper Woods

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So what are you waiting for?  Great companion material to the blogs.  Risk free 14 day trial.  Direct to your email links to click through for easy access.  You are so ready to be more RESONANT, 7 days a week.

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