1. I recently visited Israel. While there I had the privilege of visiting the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall located in Jerusalem. It is said to be the closest place to God on earth. This week’s reading caused me to reflect on the beauty of this experience and to respond to the question of who and where are the Saints of God.

    As I heard what was obviously praise and prayers in multiple languages, as I saw people kneeling, singing, and pressing their prayers into the cracks of the wall, I realized that God is the God of the Nations. As a worshipper, I could not help but cry out to God in song of His Majesty. I sang “Here I am to worship!” What a diverse experience as I witnessed Armenian, Muslim, Jews, Christians, Syrians, Lebanese, Americans, Ethiopians, and so many more nationalities and religions gathered at the wall in praise and love. Though I am uncertain of the beliefs of the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who gathered at the wall. I am certain that it is only MY God, the creator of heaven and earth who deserves the glory. Whether in Jerusalem or Ohio, I am a Saint of God and where ever I am I will offer Him praise and love.

    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to take the time to let his glory, praise, and love resound in my heart.

    • Thank you for taking the time to reflect on your recent encounter in the context of these thoughts. I pray that awareness will linger with you for some time, even as you endeavor to cultivate more. Blessings on you my friend, In Christ Jesus!

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